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Asha Ross
Asha Ross
Asha Ross is the owner of, and instructor at CKO Kickboxing South Bay. A fitness kickboxing enthusiast, Asha trained in Muay Thai and Jikishin Ju Jitsu in London (her hometown), before continuing her kickboxing training in Los Angeles. A popular International DJ, Asha has played in clubs and festivals all over the US and the World, as well as hosted successful radio shows. Health and Fitness are her passions, and she enjoys bringing the fun and energy of a DJ set to her work-out classes at CKO. She says "I love seeing people have a good time, and push themselves to take their fitness to another level. It's extremely satisfying for me to see members get results."
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Alyssa R
Alyssa R
Alyssa is a fire cracker and will give you a run for your money... or should we say a jab - cross - elbow- elbow - roundhouse? Alyssa's fitness is rooted in Marathon Training, Muay Thai and Basketball. This wide variety of athleticism gives her a unique perspective in helping members "Finish the Race" (60 minute Class) while maintaining proper form and technique. Alyssa has coached youth basketball programs as well as adult fitness classes at local recreation centers. Fitness is her passion and once introduced to CKO she couldn't get enough, and drove all over SoCal to get her CKO fix. Music is ingrained in her core and is an important part of her class structure. Her classes are fast, fun and upbeat. They are whole body workouts and she does not disappoint. Alyssa makes sure all of the needs of members are met by varying the combinations to cater to those just starting out and those who are 100 classes in.
Alyssa Says... "CKO has helped me to get in amazing shape and it pushes me to the best version of me. I love it so much that when I was asked to be a trainer I could hardly wait for the day to come to teach."
Joselyn R
Joselyn R
Joselyn started her CKO addiction in Hoboken, NJ. A fitness and health enthusiast, Joselyn is a full-time registered nurse who believes health is wealth. She loves pushing herself to be the best and helps others do the same. As a former military officer who helped run the military fitness program, she combines her fun-loving attitude and military discipline to create a challenging and engaging class. She is always ready to share her positive energy and inspiration with the CKO family.
Rene Vladimir
Rene  Vladimir
Rene Vladimir, is a connoisseur of martial arts and healthy living. He is excited to see change and improvement in people through the battle conquered in a kickboxing class. Rene says "Helping people meet their goal and surpass their expectations is such a gratifying experience".
Mel N
Mel N
Mel is a kickboxing fitness enthusiast who lives by the mantra "Don't wish for it. Work for it." His background in MMA includes Muay Thai and different styles of Kung Fu. He is a military veteran who understands that focus and discipline is needed no matter what your goal is and looks to instill those values in each CKO member. He is NASM certified and is available for personal training sessions.
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